An overview of our commitments, above all to ourselves!
All our dishes are homemade, on site, from raw products.

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Supplies :

  • Short and local circuits are preferred whenever there is a coherent and economically viable opportunity.
  • Fruits and vegetables from organic farming more than 95% of the time.
  • Fair trade at more than 60% for the products concerned (chocolate, coffee, exotic fruits…).
  • Cereals, sugars, flours, etc. more than 85% of which are from organic farming.
  • Meat from France more than 70%, Label Rouge as far as possible (about 30%).
  • Label Rouge fish or fish from organic chains or “sustainable fishing”: more than 60%.
  • Beverages (with and without alcohol) from organic farming (more than 60%).
  • Wines: we aim for a balanced offer including at least 60% natural / organic / local wines.
  • Specific products that cannot be made on site (bread, ice cream and sorbets): always from local and artisanal sources.


  • The cleaning and hygiene products used are chosen for their lowest possible impact on the environment, in compliance with current standards. Alcohol vinegar and black soap are of course part of it.
  • We recycle, reuse, compost.
  • No single-use plastic. We are systematically looking for different alternatives.
  • We would like to offer reusable options for sale to accompany our takeaway dishes (covered with bamboo, water bottles, cloth bags…)


  • Respect for people and differences.
  • Involvement of all in choices and decisions, accountability, empowerment.
  • Management of schedules taking into account the human parameter, and not only economic.
  • Transmission, training, support.

Updated: March 2019

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