L'équipe en photo
From left to right : Ludovic Nicod, Alexandra Nazzari, Laurent Nazzari.
Photo © Ambre Guinard

Laurent Nazzari – The Chef 

His passion for cooking and his creativity led him very young to choose this privileged means of expression: to feed others with much love. The learning was quick, the practice instructive, and he quickly became – at 22 – the youngest chef in his region.

Developments have taken place in parallel with awareness raising and meetings. The styles of cooking he practiced were as varied as the places where he practiced, with a formative passage into the world of the “crusine”.  He has explored kitchens here and elsewhere, always open and in constant evolution. A journey he has shared since 2014 on a personal blog.

Laurent is at the initiative of the creation of various projects, with the joy of sharing in all forms: recipes, photos, stories, culinary creations from the simplest to the most surprising… His books published by the publisher Smile Book Edition are a reflection of his passion and commitment.

His motivation now is to create a place to transmit and share, to train and inform. Having worked in all catering positions – in many structures of different sizes and ranges – he knows the business inside out… His creativity, his know-how, his global vision and his experience are the ingredients that complete the creation of this restaurant.

Alexandra Nazzari – Room Manager

Alexandra is above all an artist. Artist of words, colours and music, artist with a thousand hats and a thousand facets. She likes to share, exchange, discuss, tell life in songs and bring others’ projects to life. This is how she found herself embarked on the great adventure of this new restaurant, thanks to her experience in the restaurant and kitchen business, in France and abroad. You will find his energy and his joy of life as soon as you arrive…

     Laurent Nazzari and his sister Alexandra

Ludovic Nicod – Sous Chef

Like a brother to Laurent, Ludovic is a long-time friend who has joined him over the years in many culinary adventures. From their first joint master trainer to Laurent’s first experiences as a chef, their understanding has always been strengthened and it seemed obvious that Ludovic would be invited to join this new creation.
With his passion and enthusiasm, coupled with his formidable cooking experience, he joined the team in August to the delight of all, and brings his great added value to the Auberge de Meyrals and its future menus.

Penelope Nazzari – Research & Development

Because there are always things to do behind the scenes, diverse and varied research, letters to manage, and in view of the development of new potential activities, Penelope puts its skills at the service of the hostel whenever possible. Conducting several activities in parallel, always aiming higher, more harmonious, more coherent and more ethical despite the potential obstacles and constraints that this implies, she can spend hours comparing the different choices of products and services available to find the most joyful compromise of the moment. Dreaming of sourcing only from cheerful and conscious producers, composting/reclaiming a large part of the waste that the restaurant will produce, creating sharing and exchange workshops, she knows that this will take time but that what counts is the way.

Louisa – The joy center

At the bend of a table you may one day meet Louisa – 4 years old somewhere in 2019 – without whom this adventure would surely not have seen the light of day, and even less in this form.

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