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The Auberge de Meyrals is first and foremost a restaurant, and much more than that! Many ideas are in reflection and development, and will take shape over time.
Take advantage of your visit to discuss with us your needs, ideas and desires…

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You can come to Auberge de Meyrals in a group, organize an event, gather around a classic or original theme…. We adapt to special diets on request, and listen carefully to your wishes.

  • On reservation for groups of 10 or more (information form to be completed on site or downloaded here, filled in and sent back to us by e-mail or brought directly to us).
  • Possibility to privatize one of the rooms or the whole restaurant.

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Coworking & cocooning

Our rooms and our terrace are equipped with electrical and USB sockets to charge your equipment with peace of mind, and we provide you with a free high-speed WiFi Internet connection (Vdsl2).

Depending on the time of day – or by reservation – you can have an individual or group workspace, while taking advantage of our on-site or takeaway sales services.
Our musical background remains light to allow concentration as well as relaxation.

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We are actively considering the organization of workshops! On the themes of vegetarian or local cuisine, the production of vegetable milks or vegetable juices, the discovery of spices or wild plants in cooking…. But also gustatory sophrology, oenology, meetings with our suppliers and producers… There is no shortage of ideas and we will see over time what is most easily implemented.

If you would like to take advantage of our premises to organize a meeting or workshop, do not hesitate to contact us! We will be delighted to contribute as much as possible to local and regional life, to the exchange of knowledge and know-how, to the development of creativity and curiosity of all those who wish to do so.

Grain library

We have installed a grain library! 🙂

What seeds and varieties to share?
All seeds: vegetables, fruits, flowers. Let’s bring back the greatest possible biodiversity to the garden! Favour old / traditional / local / local / local varieties. Avoid F1 hybrids altogether.

Maximum self-management: you can drop off a bag without taking it, take one without taking it, or both! Of course, take what you can plant quickly instead…

How to make your seeds?
It’s very simple but it’s important to know how to do it! This information can quickly be found on the Internet:

  • very easy: tomato, salad, bean, most annual flowers
  • with simple techniques: the large family of squashes
  • more complicated: cabbage, biennials like most root vegetables (carrots, beets, etc…)

Then, it is necessary to dry the seeds well before packing them, note the variety, place and date of harvest, and some practical advice (sowing period, etc…)

How to participate?
The seeds in the box are free, you can use them!

When depositing, make sure for the well-being of all, to:

  • do not use any chemical fertilizers.
  • do not introduce F1 hybrid seeds (not reproducible).

You can then deposit them in the grain library.

Feel free to visit the site “Graines de troc” which allowed us to have the basic resources to create this grain library…

We provide empty bags on site, manufactured with the model of the Alsagarden site.

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Conferences, projections, training…

Our rooms are adapted to receive groups (up to 30 people) and we are here to study all your ideas and requests to organize conferences, tastings and other meetings (local or international, occasional or regular…)

Whether you would like to co-organize an event with us or rather rent our premises with a catering option, let us know your desires and suggestions so that we can help create a place that will delight you!

Come and see us to discuss it (ask Laurent) or send us a message.

Reminders :

 Our establishment is accessible to people with reduced mobility, an access ramp with doorbell is located along the Auberge, and our team is at your disposal for any assistance you may require. Adjustments are still in progress to improve our accessibility, do not hesitate to let us know any suggestions or remarks you may have on this subject.

An animal with you?

For the well-being of our allergic customers, pets are not allowed indoors.
They are welcome on the terrace, under your full responsibility.

Management reserves the right to refuse a customer or group whose conduct is aggressive, obviously alcoholic, or in any way detrimental to the safety of its customers or staff.

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