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You will find here passionate people, entirely homemade meals from fresh food, mostly organic, and whenever possible local.

After several years of closure, Auberge de Meyrals was completely renovated in 2018, taking into account the latest standards and heritage preservation. The space has been completely redesigned for an accessible and inspired restaurant in which we are proud to welcome you today.

We have taken it to heart to create a warm and family place, a space for meetings and exchanges, in a spirit of discovery, joy and openness.

In the spotlight: plants, flavours, inspiration, choices, friendliness, selection of local products, diversity… We systematically offer on our menus low gluten / vegetarian options as well as 100% vegetable adaptations (vegan).

And because coherence is a whole, the environmental aspect is an important point for our company! We regularly look for the best options that can be applied concretely – and sustainably – in the daily life of a restaurant: enhancing/reducing compost and waste, use of ecological and biodegradable products, reusable or recyclable packaging, in compliance with the constraints and standards in force.

Of course, adaptations will be made over time, according to meetings and possibilities, suggestions and inspirations…

And since this Auberge will be built together, welcome!

All our dishes are entirely homemade.

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