Yesterday was a special day for the Auberge de Meyrals, for its director and chef Laurent Nazzari, and for the whole team without whom the adventure would not have gone this far.

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After a process begun a few months ago, the prestigious title of “Maître-Restaurateur” has just been granted by prefectoral decree.

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How can we share our pride in seeing our commitments, our approach and our quality recognized in this way? In a way, this will never be worth the gratitude of each of you coming to our tables and showing us your joy and satisfaction, and yet… Symbolically it is still very strong for us.

In a world where it might seem more logical and coherent to point out and draw attention to NOT ecological, NOT sustainable, NOT local, NOT ethical choices (…) in a visible and clear way, we have reached the point that those who commit themselves must justify their commitments and actions in favour of the “home-made”, the “sustainable”, the “different from what is done in the majority”.

Indeed, at Auberge de Meyrals, as in any restaurant with the “Maître-Restaurateur” recognition, we respect a certain number of principles, with a guideline, choices and wishes that are specific to us while being common to those who are committed to a certain quality and maximum transparency.

The title of “Maître-Restaurateur” is the only title issued by the State for French catering. This is a guarantee of cuisine prepared on site with quality raw products by a team of catering professionals. This title, awarded by prefectoral decree, is subject to a control audit respecting every aspect of the specifications of the “Maîtres-Restaurateurs”.

We still have some way to go to where we want to be (to be able to offer even more organic and local products on our menus for example…), but certainly this step allows us to take the measure of what we have been doing for almost a year. 🙂

And all this would be meaningless without each of you, team, customers, partners, service providers, craftsmen, suppliers… So thank you! And see you soon at our tables to share this joy and congratulate the team if you feel like it!

PS: the steps are underway to join the Association Française des Maîtres Restaurateurs, it may take a little time to find us listed in the directories… 😉

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