New in March: we are installing a grain library!

What seeds and varieties to share?
All seeds: vegetables, fruits, flowers.
Favour old / traditional / local / local / local varieties.
Avoid F1 hybrids altogether.

How to make your seeds?
It’s very simple but it’s important to know how to do it!
This information can quickly be found on the Internet:

  • very easy: tomato, salad, bean, most annual flowers
  • with simple techniques: the large family of squashes
  • more complicated: cabbage, biennials like most root vegetables (carrots, beets, etc…)

Then, it is necessary to dry the seeds well before packing them, note the variety, place and date of harvest, and some practical advice (sowing period, etc…)

How to participate?
The seeds in the box are free, you can use them!

Maximum self-management: you can put down a bag without taking it, take it without putting it down, or both!

When depositing, make sure for the well-being of all, to:

  • do not use any chemical fertilizers.
  • do not introduce F1 hybrid seeds (not reproducible).

You can then deposit them in the grain library.

Feel free to visit the site Graines de barter which allowed us to have the basic resources to create this grain library…

We provide empty bags on site, manufactured with the model of the Alsagarden site.

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