And that’s it… All it took was a big update of WordPress, the content management system that “propels” our website, for the one we created last year to be no longer operational since December.

It doesn’t matter, we wanted to make it evolve, here is a great opportunity!

New graphics, new content. The basics remain, of course, because what drives us has not changed since the beginning! But with this new site, we have a larger space for sharing and expression.

Be careful, there may still be some bugs (technical problems) beyond that we would not have noticed!

Some pages will only be finalized for the opening in March, and the translations are not perfect. Many articles are in the pipeline, but chuuuuuuut… Everything comes at the right time (to who knows how to cook?)

So… If you see a strangeness, a weirdness, a more or less obvious lack or any other surprising element on this site, please take a few moments to contact us and help us improve it!

Know that – as for everything else at the Auberge de Meyrals – this site is homemade and with love (and a few sleepless nights you have to admit…).

We hope you will like it as much as we do!

gousses de Caroube

[Semi-automatic translation, please contact us if you see something to improve!]
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